iPad - Audio Interface Solution?

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Hi to all,

the last weeks i tried to find a sophisticated solution finding an audio interface in order to extend my iPad 4 with two or more analog inputs in order to use it along with loopy hd as a loop station. Furthermore i want to use my iPad 4 as a Kaos-Pad and record everything in ableton.

Now, then only solution is, as far i can see, ( but haven´t had the chance to try yet) is of course the iconnectmidi 2+/4+ as aggregate device with a existing audio interface. In my case, a NI Komplete Audio 6. A lot of people using this setup are experiencing big latencies (please correct me if i´m wrong)

As some of you may know, the NI Komplete Audio 6 is Class Compliant and i can confirm that it can be connected via CCK over a Powered USB Hub to use it as an iPad Audio Interface.

See here:

Now, theoretically, and hopefully some of you can confirm this, it should be possible to use 2 Komplete Audio 6 connected via SPDIF to each other. Connecting the first KA6 via USB to a Computer (in my case a MacBook Pro) and the second KA6 via USB to CCK to iPad.

I´m curious about your ideas...

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