Controlling track mute/unmute with momentary switch

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I've been trying to figure out a way to use a MIDI controller to play loops only while I have certain buttons held down. However, the closest I've found is to toggle mute/unmute every time I tap the button. I bind the "Toggle Mute" action to a particular MIDI CC event.

Has anybody been able to do this? Has anybody wanted to? :)

In my case I have a few tracks of me humming, so the goal would be to treat the hums like notes on an organ or something.


  • have you tried Note On/OFF. bind both to toggle mute. Press button (Note ON) release Button (Note OFF). An earlier version of Loopy would only bind one of the Note states, but I believe the current version will let you bind both.

  • Ah, awesome. Yes, it works great! Thanks.

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