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Fire on the Mountain (Using Audiobus & Magellan's FX for mixdown and resampling)

edited September 2014 in Creations

This playlist is a 3-part series showing how I first create a smoother basic mixdown of recorded percussion tracks in Loopy HD. Then I use Audiobus and Magellan to work as an FX processor and resampler for Loopy tracks and apply FX to the percussion, acoustic guitar and vocal tracks. I admit that the demo is long and gets repetitive (but if you're already using a looping app like Loopy in the first place, your threshold for "long and repetitive" is probably pretty high). I tried to keep the process flowing as quickly as possible, but slow enough to be able to explain what I'm doing.

Here's a video showing the recording of the original tracks:


  • That was excellent JF. Looking forward to the mixing video. Been using Loopy for some time and toyed with the idea of adding the FCB1010.

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