Bluetooth key binding background mode

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I'm using fs3-p footswitch to control loops, but it doesn't work when loopy is in background. Is it possible to fix it?


  • Any device being recognized as a keyboard key press (Bluetooth or USB) will operate only on the foreground App. IOS restriction. Unless there is a provided IOS app to make it work (e.g. Blue Board).

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    Can I download Blueboard app and make the background key presses work with any old pedal?

    Or does it only work with the Blueboard?

  • I don't have the Blue Board, but my understanding is the their app recieves the Bluetooth data and passes it on as Midi.

    As I understand it, iOS only passes Bluetooth data that is coming from a device that declares itself ( or is recognized) as a keyboard, to the App in the foreground (visible).

    My guess is that it is not transmitting as a Keyboard (key presses) but as some other Bluetooth data stream.

  • There is a rumor that will be released in iOS8 the touch sensitivity on the screen. Does the bluetooth in the background too? It would be perfect!

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