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Some more Loopy questions / clarifications

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I know loopy can't support Multi. Channel outputs, I've given up on that as AudioBus will probably be sufficient in the future? with more processing power iPads...
but can we select the master output vs. loopy defaulting to the 'system output'? I use a multi channel digital interface but the output will only go to the headphone jack on the iPad. Is there a system setting for this ?

Do the buffer options go down, 64/32 frames with a more powerful iPad chip? or is it set to 128 frames as the minimum regardless of iPad model?

Will loopy sync to a digital clock on an audio interface? Is it stuck at 16bit 44.1? Is this system dependent? my Audio interface is 24bit 44.1 but I get drop outs...



  • Hi Deb,

    The output is determined by the order stuff is plugged in - so if you make sure you plug in your multichannel interface last, that should be where the output goes.

    The buffer duration options are limited to 128 and 256.

    That, I don't know - that's a hardware-level detail that I'm not familiar with. Loopy's internal data format is always 16 bit 44.1; I suppose an audio interface would probably convert to/from that.

  • DebDeb
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    Thanks Michael, I appreciate the info. I know you guys are busy these days...

    I should launch Audiobus and loopy first then plugin the interface?

    The device i'm using has 8 mono digital inputs and 8 mono digital outputs, will loopy just pick the first two? or the last two? or any?

    I'm trying to route the following:

    (Audiobus) Inputs 1-4 > FX >Loopy

    (Audiobus) Inputs 5-8 > FX >Loopy

    Loopy > Digital Output 1/2

  • No worries!

    The launch order isn't particularly important, just as long as you don't plug headphones in after you plug the multichannel interface in.

    Loopy will pick the first two outputs.

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