Help! Exporting ruins recordings!

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This is driving me crazy and breaking my heart! Here's what's happening to me:

1) Create loops as usual.
2) Use (•) Record to record a, er... recording
3) Recording sounds great! Hooray!
4) Go to share, select email, OR soundcloud, OR anything else
5) Progress bar says "Preparing Audio" – everything succeeds as it should
6) The recording sent to email or SoundCloud has many AWFUL peaks thrown in at random throught the song... like sharp blipping static... if listening in earphones it will straight WRECK your hearingstuphs...
7) The recording in loopy's list of recordings is now the same... rendering it all but lost. Hours working on songs... gone.

PLEASE, if anyone has had this problem or knows a way to fix it... I love this app but all my songs end up going down the tuuuubes. Here's the latest to bite the dust: (and pardon the experimental weirdness..)



  • Sorry, I took that link down from SoundCloud because it wasn't fit for ears. Instead, here's a screenshot of what the exported song looks like in Soundtrack Pro.

    You can see it's only affecting one channel. I'm going to see if I can use the tools in soundtrack to eliminate the hissing pops or just copy the audio from the good channel over the bad... Mono is better than death-o-pop-o...
  • Oh no! I'm very sorry to hear that; what a drag!
    I suspect the recording was busted from the start - this was an occasional bug that I noticed occasionally, too. I've since completely rewritten all of Loopy's insides, and this bug is all fixed - my wonderful testing team are working through the update, and I expect to submit it next week some time.
    Again, sorry about the heartbreak =(
  • Hi Michael, thanks for the feedback.

    I made it a project to get some of my recordings online last night so I found some work-arounds... heartbreak averted! As you can see from the screenshot I posted, it was only one channel that was affected, so for the ones that had already been "poppified" I was able to make them mono with no major loss. For the recordings that had not been exported yet, I ran the iPad's line-out to my Mac's line-in and recorded the playback with Audio Hijack Pro.

    Loopy is one of my absolute favorite apps, looking forward to all that's to come from you and your team : )

  • Bravo! Great solution, I'm really pleased to hear you got it sorted. Would you post links?

    Thanks heaps for the kind words =) (Hehe... team...)
  • hehe... team... I know the feeling : D

    Here's the SoundCloud set I scraped together from this-and-that... : )

    Most of the Loopy-recorded tracks are ukulele with drums made from baby-food containers : )
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