i feel so dumb... total newbie to MIDI

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Hi. I have been playing around with Loopy - love it! I just got a softstep-2 USB MIDI pedalboard to control my loops. But I know nothing about using MIDI...

My question is soooo basic (I think). I know where the MIDI bindings are in Loopy. I have selected commands that I would like to use. But --- how do I assign each pedal on the board to actually send the commands and execute them?

Very simple example: I want stomp-pedal #1 to perform "select NEXT".

How do I assign the command to pedal #1 ???

Sorry - I know this isn't necessarily specific to Loopy, but I have no idea how to connect the devices.



  • Does the Softstep have factory set MIDI commands assigned to each pedal out of the box?

  • Hi. No. It is fully programmable. But I think I need to know the "notes" or command codes" for each of the MIDI commands that Loopy understands.

    Again --- for "select NEXT" --- what does the pedal have to send to the iPad? (or, maybe, what note?)


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    It accepts any note or CC. Just tap "add binding" and a message states "waiting for events." tap your pedal and the MIDI event will be captured by Loopy. Loopy then binds that MIDI event to whatever action you select.

    You should be able to use the default commands that the Softstep sends.

  • cool!!! I will try this soon. Thank you !!!!

  • @blugruv

    Make sure you are in
    Settings > MIDI > control bindings

  • Got it.!. It works.

    Now -- a different question. In a single session -- can I have 2 of the orange circles record at DIFFERENT tempos? Or do all orange loops in a single session have to be at the same tempo?


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