Avoiding Feedback during Live Performance

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I'm a vocalist & I love this app. My friends and I have a performance coming up August 30th and I was hoping to use a few of the loops we've created. Here is my obstacle: I own a Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor, when I plug the iPad into the monitor I get instant, heavy feedback. I don't know how to shut down/lower the internal microphone and even if I did know, I do not know if that is the solution. How can I amplify the sound happening in the looper without explosive feedback?

I have a Shure Microphone, 1 Aux to Aux cable, XLR, and both a quarter inch cable & adaptor. Wondering if I can use any of these things in conjunction with purchasing an interface of some kind? Do I need an interface at all? Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    If all you want/need at the moment is to play some pre recorded loops ( assuming you're just connecting an audio cable between the iPad headphones jack and the aux input to the Roland ), then most likely you only need to turn Off Monitoring under Settings in Loopy. With Monitoring On, the built in Mic is active and passing the live audio right through to your amp.

    If you want/need to record with Loopy in this setup, that's a bit more complicated.

  • I would ultimately like to record during a live performance. For the time being we may need to stick to pre-recorded loops. Would you care to elaborate on the complicated version?

  • Just tried it out with your first suggestion - works PERFECTLY! Thanks a million :)

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