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I'm a brand new Loopy user. I've been using a Boomerang for live looping with guitar. On the Boomerang, I hit record and when I tap it again it stops recording or I can make it loop immediately. I'm trying to use the iRig BlueBoard with Loopy and can find no Loopy midi commands that allow me to use the foot controller to just stop the recording, then begin playback at a later time. I'm trying to lay down a rhythm guitar track while singing. Stop the recording, then play it back to support my lead guitar later in the song. Am I missing something here? Is that function available under some other command? I just want to be able to record - stop - playback with loop later in the song. Thanks for the help.


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    Welcome aboard!

    A few explanations on how Loopy works:

    • Loopy is either Playing or Paused ( as indicated by the opposite of what displayed triangle/Play - || / pause - like on most audio transports). Normally I would say that Paused is used very rarely during a session, but it does have its uses.

    • each track (loop) is either Muted (silent) or Un-Muted (audible). You don't stop individual tracks, only Mute them.

    • I believe that "Toggle record, mute, then select next track" may work for what you want.

    Also take a look at Settings > Track management > Synchronization. The settings for Count-in/out affect Recording Start/Stop and Mute/Un-Mute, along with wether the tempo is set or unset on the first recording.

    I've seen post from other Boomerang users, so hopefully they will chime in.

  • I'm actually discussing this feature with Michael, and will possibly show up in the next update.

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    @zenreso, I've been chasing this feature since I bought Loopy a LOOOOOOONG time ago.

    I keep leaving the Loopy forum and coming back some time later to see if it's been implemented yet.

    Looks like I've got to crawl back under my rock for a few more months.

  • Well, it was on the verge of being implemented. We were working a beta version, but just before it was working properly, some things came up, like IOS8... I guess it wont be very long now.

  • I'm almost done with the next Audiobus update, so happily I'm gonna have time for this again over the next week or so.

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