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BACKGROUND: For live performances I would like to have a pre-recorded loop on one of loopy's channels but set up so that only I can hear it while I play (ie a "private loop"). I thought this would be pretty easy to achieve by: (i) recording a loop; (ii) panning hard right on that loop (iii) saving. In my live setup, the left channel goes to my amp, the right channel goes to my right headphone cup. When I bring up the pre-saved loopy session for the song the pre-recorded "private loop" plays in my ear and the amp is silent. I can then use the rest of the loop channels in loopy as per normal.
PROBLEM: No matter how I record the "private loop", when I pan full right, there is a very small amount of the loop's sound coming out of the left channel. Ie panning right 100% doesn't seem to completely mute the left. Since my amp is cranked up with lots of gain, it means my 'private loop' can be heard by the audience (albeit at a lot lower volume than when I start playing).
CHECK: To check the iphone hardware isn't the culprit, I recorded a track with a different app (DAW) on the right channel only. When I play it back, no matter how loud, there is no leakage to the left channel. This says to me that the hardware is capable of full separation of left and right.
Conclusion: Loopy panning isn't working as it should. 100% pan left leaves a little bit of 'right' still leaking. Or, have I missed something?


  • Hi @blowhole - this is a regrettable side-effect of the fact that, at least at the time of implementation of that feature, there was a bug in Apple's code that caused problems with 100% pan (don't ask me why). My workaround was to limit the pan extremes to just shy of 100%, which explains what you're seeing.

    I'll take another look at it now, though - there's a good chance the bug has been fixed now and I can remove the limiting.

  • Thanks Michael! You're da man! Looking forward to hearing the outcome. Cheers.

  • (Google sign-in has let me down and often doesn't work so now I'm blowhole2)
    Hi Michael, any progress on a fix for this as yet? Cheers, Blowhole.

  • The fix is going to be in the next update, but I'm dealing with some other stuff so it might be a couple weeks before it's ready to go, I'm afraid.

  • No problems whatsoever. Thanks for slipping it into the next update. Good luck with the release. Cheers!

  • Hi Michael, sorry to bother you about this but just wondering how you went with this fix? I've tried a number of audio apps since I first posted and they all have exactly the same issue. I'm beginning to wonder if it's actually built into the hardware. Happy to keep waiting for the next release but it would be good to know if you managed to fix the problem. Cheers.

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