KMI Softstep 2 works with iTrack Dock, Loopy, iPad Air

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum. I thought this info might be useful to someone who's researching similar options.

I've been working toward a small-ish Guitar + iPad rig. These devices are working for me:
Focusrite iTrack Dock audio/MIDI interface,
Keith McMillan SoftStep 2 foot controller (USB into iTrack Dock USB Input),
iPad Air,
Loopy HD

The Softstep worked right out of the box. It has a few easy presets. One preset just sends a MIDI note for each pedal. One sends PCs, and a few send CCs for specific apps like Ableton LIve Session View. The Loopy Bindings screen responds to all of them.

I have more looping workflow details to work out, but I'm pretty excited to have a few devices communicating.

Incidentally, the Novation X-Station also sends MIDI data over USB through the iTrack Dock to Loopy. The Novation has 5-pin MIDI inputs, which can pass data over USB to iPad apps as well. That's potentially a platform for multiple controller devices if I get a MIDI extender for the SoftStep. But the iTrack Dock provides power to the iPad and makes for a slightly lighter rig when I don't carry the X-Station.

Hope that helps.



  • hello greg. Thanks for this post. I just bought a softstep-2 to use with Loopy-HD. I am having trouble having Loopy "see" the softstep.

    Here is what I do:
    1. connect the softstep into the USB MIDI of the iTrack dock.
    2. open Loopy
    3. go to Settings
    4. I only see "Bluetooth key bindings". (but I am connected with USB..?.) this is the first step where I am not sure it is working properly.
    5. I open "Bluetooth key bindings" and hit "ADD BINDING"
    6. It waits and waits.. I stomp on pedal 1 of the softstep. Nothing. I stomp on pedal-2. Nothing.

    I've tried all the pedals. I guess my questions are:

    1. is there another "MIDI bindings" somewhere in Loopy other than Bluetooth?

    2. do I need to put the softstep into some special mode? I just plug in USB for power, and stomp.

    Thank you very much !!!!!

    when I plug in the USB into my Focusrite iTrack dock

  • Go under Settings > Midi, not Settings > General > Bluetooth key bindings.

    Unless of course you have a Bluetooth midi controller.

  • Sorry for the slow response. I didn't get a notification until you contacted me directly.

    As Ganthofer said, you want Settings / MIDI rather than the Bluetooth page.

    1) Go to Settings / MIDI.

    2) Find this option under Control Inputs and click it. A check mark should appear when that MIDI channel is active.
    iTrack Dock iTrackDock1

    3) Click the arrow to the right of iTrackDock1.

    4) On the Softstep itself, you have a few options, but I use the left/right arrows to navigate to the NOTE patch. This is the patch that controls Loopy with no hassles for me.

    5) In Loopy, click Add Binding. The "Waiting for Events" message should appear. Loopy will automatically show a common binding (like Toggle Record and select next), but you can select others from a drop-down menu.

    6) Click a pedal on the SoftStep. Loopy should display the note data sent from the SoftStep right away.

    7) Click Save Binding.

    Incidentally, if the Dock and Pedal are connected correctly, the lights on the Softstep should light up as soon as you turn the Dock on. If you don't see lights on the pedal, that might be a different problem altogether, like a bad cable.

    I hope that helps.

  • Thanks! I got things connected and the bindings work.

    I have another different question, if I might ask.... Is it possible to have 2 orange circles set for different tempos, within the same session?

    For example -- if I have 12 loops (circles) on my session, I would like some of the loops to be at a different tempo...

    Thanks for any help!

  • I'm glad it's working for you.

    I know that you can record loops at different lengths - multiples/divisions of the first loop. For mixed tempos, I'm a little less clear about that question. I suppose you'd want to turn off all the features that make loops start together, resulting in loops that have slightly different lengths and starting points. Then the tempo difference would be in your live performance, so you might have the impression of multiple overlapping tempos or a "tape loop" kind of performance where loops diverge slowly over time (or that's what your question brought to mind).

    I have to admit I'm only using the loop length settings in a straightforward way so far. I'm trying to get a couple of apps in sync, so I'm wrestling with the opposite challenge.

    There's a pretty good list of all the loop settings and bindings here if you haven't already stumbled on it.


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