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Skipping/Crackling/Extreme Delay - HELP!!!

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So I've been using Loopy for a few weeks now and I keep running into a recurring problem. Before describing the problem I'm going to give you my set up:

Instrument/effect apps (music studio, tone stack, etc.) running through audiobus into Loopy HD on an Ipad 2

M-Audio Oxygen 49 midi controller as well as M-track audio interface which is connected to a mic and bass guitar, all connected through a powered usb and camera connection kit

So my problem is this: Often times (and more currently almost every time), when I am using Loopy, all of the sudden the sound will become extremely distorted/unusable and delayed and consistently skipping, like the ipad is glitching. The best thing I can compare it to is an extreme buffer, or extreme lagging.

It's not even like I'm running a ridiculous number of apps. Often times this will happen when all I have open is one instrument app running through audiobus directly into Loopy and only have a single mic connected. Everything else is closed and it will still happen. If the following may be an indicator of a problem, most of the time when I open audiobus, I'll get a little thing at the top that says either "512 frames" or "256 frames"

I feel as though this problem may be unique to me, as most of the people I've seen use loopy are running a bunch of apps simultaneously through audiobus into loopy, all the while using multiple midi controllers and multiple mics. This is extraordinarily frustrating so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  • Ahh, frustrating is right, @jcb08j - this stuff is so hard to debug. I'm afraid I've no idea at this point - neither myself nor my testers have seen this. If you discover a way to reliably reproduce it, do let me know how. Sorry to hear about your troubles, and I'm sorry I can't do more right now!

  • @Michael thanks for the response. I'm going to record a video tonight or tomorrow and post it up so you can see exactly what I'm talking about. I'm afraid my explanation was somewhat lacking in useful details

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    Hi, I've had a setup similar to yours, with an iPad 2. My experience often came down to two things.

    1. The audio device can sometimes lose its connection. I use a Scarlett 2i2 with powered hub and CCK. Very rarely, the connection would go out and introduce all sorts of crackles and distortion. I would have to disconnect, close all apps and start fresh.

    2. An iPad 2 really can only run 3-4 music apps at a time. Audiobus, loopy, JamUp would work great for me for looping a guitar and vocals. But adding in a synth would sometimes start crackling. Your setup is definitely pushing the limits of an iPad 2.

    Also, try forcing Audiobus to run at 512 frames. Start Audiobus before plugging in your CCK and before launching any other apps, then select 512 in Audiobus settings.

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