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What are the functions?

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I may be a bit of a rare case in that I don't yet own loopy (I'd have to buy an idevice first). Thus I've been trying to get more info on the app and ios device accessories.

I'm curious if there's a place on this website where a manual for loopy is posted. If not, could someone tell me what the functions are?

For example, what happens when you single-tap a track when somethings recorded in it, what happens when you double tap, what happens when you tap and hold a playing track. Etc

Functionality I'm looking for is the, when I press a track, have it end at the end of its loop. I know this is possible, but that I'd also like to do is, before it gets to the end of the loop and while it's queued to stop, "force end" it by tapping it again.
The pedals I've tried do this while in count-out mode. You can click once to stop a track on the next loop, or you can double tap it to immediately stop it.

Thanks! Sorry for all the questions :P


  • I'm afraid I haven't put together an online manual/etc yet, although it's on my radar (so many things to do, so only one of me!).

    Some things that come to mind:

    1-finger tapping...
    ...a blank track: starts recording (at start of next interval, if count-in enabled)
    ...a recorded track: toggles mute (at next interval, with count-in enabled)
    ...a recording track: stops recording (at next interval, with count-out)
    ...a counting-in/out track: starts record/play/mute immediately (this is the "force end" you describe)

    2-finger tapping...
    ...a recorded track: starts overdubbing (at next interval, with count-in)
    ...a blank track: starts recording (next interval, with count in), then when tapped again or count-out finishes, starts overdubbing straight away
    ...a recording track: stops recording, quantizes the length, and starts overdubbing

    Other gestures: Swipe to clear or cancel a recording; twist to time-offset; circle to adjust volume.
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    Wow thanks. You seem to've fit in most of the functionality from the rc-300 (which has 2 pedals per track).

    Now if only I can find a dependable dock interface for the ipod touch. :(
  • No problem =)

    I'm definitely interested in your progress, do keep me in the loop. I have a strong suspicion you may need to go with an iPad instead, as all the musicians are on iPads, not really so much iPod Touches, so all the equipment is for iPad. Also, it's a drastically better user experience in live scenarios...
  • Yeah. I would love to go with a touch because it's small (can dock it literally on top of my synth with stickytape and a case :P ), and because it's half the price. Ipod for 200, dock solution for 150-200, and that's it.
    With an ipad, it's an extra 200$-ish. Plus I've got to get a separate stand for the bugger in the io dock, which lowers my mobility.
  • Hmm, yes, I see your point...
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