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Loopy HD 1.4.10/Loopy 2.5.10 Update

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Another update for you guys:

  • Added hardware latency controls (the default 256 frames, or super-low 128 frames)
  • Addressed Audiobus port muting policy to avoid silencing output when individual tracks added
  • Show input levels while adjusting input gain on iPhone
  • Allow clock pausing with pending count-in/out actions; perform actions immediately
  • When unpausing by triggering record, start recording immediately, not after a count-in
  • Reset clock when clearing all tracks or re-recording the only track
  • Improved count-out behaviour:
    (a) properly respect disabled count-out while count-in is on
    (b) avoid blank gaps at end of loops when punching out shortly before a boundary, by extending recording a little (count-out to next appropriate boundary)
    (c) count-out has three modes now: enabled, disabled with the behaviour described in (b), and disabled with instant record end.

  • Fixed count-out of second loop when record trigger ends the first loop recording

  • Fixed truncation on loop length indicator on iPhone
  • Few crash fixes

Let me know how you go!


  • will this be available for android

  • Thanks! I can't wait to try all of this out.

  • Sweet update Michael, after testing it all out for awhile, I have to say I'm really happy with the new behaviors in the update and how I can now set up LoopyHD with my rig... the whole deal is now a really solid instrument. Cheers again!

  • Cheers @thenonanonymous, and thanks for the help =)

  • Hi Michael,

    Still experiencing flakiness when Loopy is synced to external MIDI Clock. The sync is much improved over earlier releases, but still craps out randomly for no apparent reason. I'll upload some samples ASAP so you can see.

    On occasions when broken sync is provoked by a controller action, the most common cause seems to be when using "Clear" on a loop during playback while other loops are looping. Sometimes (but not always) this causes one or more of the loops to shift in time. From that point onwards the affected loop/s remain out of sync but still looping to the clock. Other loops remain locked in the right sync position.

    In other words, things don't completely fall to pieces as they did a few months ago. The problems which occur now are isolated to time shifts between the loops. Loopy doesnt seem to lose overall sync to the clock, but the relationship between the loops sometimes slips (which is still disastrous in a live setting).

    While testing, I've seen examples of multiple loops remaining sync'd for hours, so external sync is definitely much better overall, but it isnt 100% rock solid yet (which makes live performance a very risky proposition).

    Tested with iConnectMIDI4+, iConnectMIDI2+, tested using standard MIDI cables and also tested with iConnect's iOS>USB cables. iOS 7.12 on iPad2. Clock source is RC-505. Controller is FCB1010. Other devices work perfectly - only Loopy is flaky with regard to external MIDI Clock sync.


  • edited September 2014

    Here's an example re my post above:

    Ignore the sloppy music - I was testing a MIDI guitar and threw down a few sounds in a hurry. When Loopy fubar'd I was just listening while reading the MIDI guitar manual.

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