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Love it!

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Used loopy hd this weekend at a gig with my band Supa Joint, and it worked flawlessly using the Tascam iU2 with my iPad 3. Can't wait for the next update (I want a reverse option sooo bad). Also excited about audiobus to incorporate djay and ielectribe. Anyone looking for a gently used Boss RC 50? Thanks Michael. :)


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    Supa Joint Vocal/Beat setup:

    Behringer XENYX 802 Mixer
    Shure SM58 Vocal Mic (input 1)
    Korg Kaossilator Pro (input 2)
    iPhone 3Gs running iMaschine and djay (input 3 stereo)
    Akai XR20 drum machine (input 4 stereo)

    Main out stereo -> venue mixer
    Control room out mono -> crappy onstage keyboard amp

    Mixer FX mono send -> Boss ME-50 (stereo out) -> Tascam iU2 -> iPad 3 running Loopy HD

    XR20 midi out -> Tascam iU2 midi in, midi out -> Kaossilator Pro

    With this setup, I can effect and loop anything coming thru the onstage mixer. Next step is to get a larger mixer with two effect sends so I can tweak, distort and crush what's coming out of Loopy HD.

  • I've heard too many bad things about the iu2's build quality that I've been hesitant to buy it (wrote it off). How long have you had it?
  • Great to hear, @Hot_Rock! And thanks heaps for posting your setup details =)
  • I've had the iu2 about a week now. A little glitchy in practice, but everything worked at the show. I'll report back in a couple of weeks after more use.
  • Cool thanks hotrock. What kind of problems did you have during practice?
  • Loss of sound going thru the iu2 rendering the entire fx chain mute.
    Possibly tied to inappropriate midi settings (me and midi got a love/hate relationship)
    The iU2 works, but I'd like something better. Just too pumped to try loopy live at a gig quick, so I went with the cheapest stereo in/out with midi I could get.

    Check this forum post... Slick1975 knows what's up. :)
  • Yeah I've recently been told going for an ipad instead of ipod touch is the better route, because the alesis io dock seems to trump every other option.
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