Digitech ipb10 ipad guitar pedal

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Just been looking at one of these:


It's a guitar pedal board that an ipad slots into for using guitar effect apps. It would be awesome if there was a pedal board like this for loopy and audiobus. Would make live gigging alot quicker to setup and packdown.


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    I was looking at that but thought it was odd. I mean, what is the point if you have to bend down. As a matter of fact, I have a hard time imagining how this could work at all LOL.

    You would really have to either put the thing on a table, which is absurd, or remove the iPad and some how tether it, which I guess is what everyone must do.

    The Line 6 FX100 does it much better I think, with the bluetooth iPad connection.

    The thing is, i'm sure it sounds really good, which makes the whole thing frustrating to look at

  • Why would you need to bend down? I am currently using a iStudio with a behringer fcb1010 and loopy and I don't even need to touch the ipad. That's what the pedals are for. You could also run an extension cable from the ipb-10 to an ipad connected to the mic stand up higher as well.

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