Cajon+Acoustic Guitar+Vocals and Keyboard.

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Hoping to get some help. I'm using an iPad mini and I want to connect 4 channels:
1. Vocals
2. Acoustic guitar
3. Cajon
4. A keyboard. (midi/synth+midi)
I Have a limited budget and it seems like the my closest option is the 'Apogee Quartet' but it costs 1300$ and that's a bit too much.
I was able to find other audio interfaces for iPad but only up to 2 channels or not compatible with iPad mini.
right now I only Have the iPad, The Cajon, And the Guitar so any thing as for which keyboard or what kind of interface I should use is flexible.
I would like all kind of advice... should I use a small mixer? or sound card? if so what kind?
recommendations for a cool vocal mic for ipad? what kind of mic should i use for the cajon?
i'm trying to design something as portable as possible... for being able to play in the streets and travel around flights and all...
Thanks a lot and sorry for asking so many questions :)


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    You could get a Behringer iStudio and a small 4 channel mixer. Then you could have guitar, cajon and keyboard going through the mixer (one channel on iStudio) and then the microphone into channel two on iStudio. I have an iStudio and its pretty good I have had no problems but you will need a cable to change your ipad mini connection back into the older ipad connector for the iStudio.

  • The Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 is only $350 on Amazon. It has everything you need without requiring an extra mixer.

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