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Initial loop has gap

Hi, just downloaded loopy hd and trying with a new apogee Jam to record my guitar. I seem to be having problems tapping the screen to start and then playing leaving a gap in the loop. Is there an easy way to avoid this?


  • Hey - the easiest way is to set a tempo in advance and use the metronome to keep time. Otherwise, it just takes a little practice to hit the button at the right time. Remember, the tap controls when recording starts and stops, so if you tap it too soon at the start, you'll get a gap at the beginning; if you tap too late at the end, you'll get a gap at the end. So you need to tap on time (on the beats). One other thing to keep in mind is that it's actually the *release*, not the touch *down* that triggers the button, so it's a good idea to *release* on the beat.
    I'll be making some video tutorials at some stage that highlight this a bit better.
  • Many thanks for your response. I got to play around with it a bit more and managed to get something working. Looping with a ukulele! As you say having an initial tempo makes all the difference. I look forward to the tutorials
  • Great =)

    I've just changed things a bit, in response to your question and someone else's - I've added feature that begins priming the recording as soon as you touch a track, and then when you release, and the track starts recording for real, it uses the audio from when you touched. So, effectively punch in/out happens on touch, now, instead of on release, which I think makes things much easier. Update should land in a week or two.
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