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Loopy HD 1.4.9 on an iPad 4th gen (iOS 7.1.2) with iRig guitar input with or without AmpliTube

If I run the iRig directly into Loopy and out of the iPad into either a mixing board or guitar amp I get a slight latency effect - enough to be distracting and therefore not really workable for me. If I use Loopy at the back end of audiobus 2.1.3 the latency is even worse. The only time I can play the guitar through the iPad with really no noticeable latency is with AmpliTube set at ultra low latency which only works when Amplitube is running all by itself. Once its in a chain with audiobus its internal latency setting is overridden by audiobus. Is there any hope of plugging my guitar into Loopy and out into a mixer with no noticeable latency?


  • Hey @jazzmanstever - Have you tried the latest version of Loopy, .9? .8 had a latency bug that's now resolved.

  • I am indeed using v 1.4.9

  • Hmm, okay, what kind of latency are we talking about here? How many milliseconds? 10-20 is unavoidable - is it more than that?

  • Yes it's around 20ms. Noticeable enough to deter me from using it regularly for teaching while being able to easily loop chord progressions and other examples for students. When I use amplitude all by itself on the iPad they somehow managed to keep the latency to almost 0 in the ultra low latency mode. Unfortunately amplitude has no looping function built in though. Do you imagine in the future you might be able to do something about getting the latency down more. You have a great product here but unfortunately this issue will prevent me from being able to use it comfortably. Thanks

  • Hmm, you've a sensitive ear =)

    Well, it's been a couple years since I last looked into allowing a 128-frame latency mode for Loopy, and devices have gotten a lot faster since. I'll take another look. Till then, try it with Audiobus and see if it's good enough.

  • Yes it's still the same latency whether or not I run loopy through audiobus. It would be GREAT if there were a ultra fast latency option as in amplitube.

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    In Audiobus, there is an option to set the frame rate. It is only effective when Audiobus is launched first with no other apps open. Set frame rate to 128. Then open Loopy in the output slot.

    Have you tried this yet? If latency is same "whether or not I run loopy through audiobus" it sounds like Audiobus is not actually changing frame rates. You'll also need to "force close" all other apps before launching Audiobus.

    [sorry to run thru some of the basics, but I thought it may help]

  • Yes I've already tried all of those things. Thanks for your efforts though.

  • I've integrated a 128-frame mode into the next update

  • The new upgrade is better! There is still a perceptible latency delay (still not as low as AmpliTube's ultra low latency setting) but manageable. Thanks!

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