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Last night's open mic


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    Ha great job man! Love that strum technique. And you've got the switching between parts down too. But the way you have Loopy configured, can you do shorter loops?

    I mean, when I enable count in recording, it seems to also do count out recording as well, even though it is not selected. I could never figure this out and could never create a loop that was shorter than the first loop if that makes sense. So I always have count in and count out recording disabled, but then switching between parts in time is pretty much impossible.

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    @Ringleader - I don't know if @Tom is recording shorter loops after his initial one, but once the initial loop is recorded and the tempo and clock are set, you can divide the clock down to 1/32 of one original clock count and use Count-out record. This requires Quantize set to Clock length.

    And @Tom, nice performance, Bravo!

  • That's awesome Tom! Shredding nylon! +1 on the percussive strumming stuff...

    Great that you included the screenshot too, so we could see how you put it together.

    What have you got your footswitches bound to?

  • Wooooow, very, very nice! Hey, how were you recording video from the screen?

  • Yeah Tom! Keep smiling, that was magic.

    Are your effects within Audiobus, or actual pedals?

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    Hey, how were you recording video from the screen?

    +1 How did you do that? Very slick.

  • Like Ganthofer said, i don't use shorter loops than the initial one in this song. The top 3 loops are the drums (imported from drumjam), which set the loop length.
    My fcb1010 has a 8 pedals binded to "toggle mute" for loop 1-8. Then a "toggle session pause and restart" at pedal 4 (to make the stutter effect at the end) and a "rerecord track" at pedal 5 (which saved me at 1:56)

    The effects comes from my Boss GT-6 effect pedal (the one on the right). So i don't have need for audiobus with this setup yet.

    The screen capture is done with "Display recorder". This does require a jailbreak. I just let it run through the whole show, together with Loopy's recording function (hence the sound quality) and used sony vegas pro to combine these with the video.

    In Track management i have everything enabled except for the overdub and simultaneous ones, and no fade in/outs. Quantize is clock length.
    Using half or double loop length is very possible, but be sure to test your song properly before getting on stage, as when started at the wrong moment compared to other loops, some loops tend to jump up side down.

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