solution for separate click track that is not audible in the main stereo mix

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This post is for folks who use loopy in a live-situation with a drummer who needs to stay in sync with your loopy sessions. Reliable midi synchronizing with loopy in a rig including several midi-clock capable devices (e.g. a click generating device) is not possible at this point in time (see other threads) thus getting a separate click track out of loopy that isn't audible in the main mix is essential. I see that every now and again folks who use loopy in a live situation with others and don't want to sacrifice the stereo image (routing the main mix to the left and the click to the right channel as in the dj-Y-splitter-cable solution) come across this problem and I'd Iike to share here the only reliable workaround for this that I could figure out:

This solution requires 3 apps: loopy, audiobus 2, and auria, and, of course, an ios-capable soundcard with multiple outputs (I am using apogee duet 2, the mac/ios version that features output channels 3 and 4 as stereo headphone out).

The newest loopy update let's you route every track individually and also the click into an audiobus channel strip (awesome indeed!), so start audiobus and open as many audiobus channel strips as you need (6, 9, or 12 depending in your loopy settings) + 1 for the click track. Select loopy in each audiobus channel strip as input but don't click the loopy icon in the pulldown-menu right away, instead find and click on the blue arrow next to it (to the right). This let's you select each loopy track individually. Do this for each audiobus channel strip, consecutively for every loopy track plus for the click track (It is indicated as metronome-track in the pulldown-menu).

Now select auria as output for each audiobus channel strip. auria should automatically create a channel strip for each audiobus channel, that is for each loopy track including the click track. Now locate the click track. This can be a little tricky. You may want to activate no track but the metronome in loopy and start the session, then locate in auria the channel that shows an input signal. For that channel set the subgroup to 1. Now go to "Menu" (in the transport-bar on top of the screen) and select "Output Matrix". In the pop-up window you should see at least 4 selectable outputs (grey buttons). For SUB 1 (first row) set these to 3 and 4 (your click track). Send MASTER to output 1 and 2 (your main mix). Make sure your soundcard is configured in such a way that you have separate outputs for channels 1 and 2, and 3 and 4 (stating the obvious here but if you messed with your soundcard settings earlier and it doesn't work, check that again). The apogee duet will send outputs 3 and 4 to the headphone out by default. So, there is your separate click track !

I admit it's an insanely complicated workaround for such a basic feature IMHO, but it's pretty reliable, just make sure the metronome in loopy is enabled. Unfortunately, your metronome will be played by bassdrum and hihat (yeah, really!). you can run the click track through a compressor and filter in auria to sharpen the attack and get rid of the low end frequencies (bassdrum). I keep reading that both the separate click track and a customizeable click sound are feature requests that Michael may be considering for the next loopy update, great! In the meantime just make sure you don't get a picky drummer for this project ;-) Keep loopin' guys!
And since you can now save your setup in audiobus 2 don't forget to save it as an audiobus project so you dont have to go through this again but just load your audiobus project. I figure as long as you don't change anything in auria (I only use it for this purpose), this should work, at least most of the time just like all ios-audio solutions ;-).

Hey, and if you know a simpler solution, I'd love to hear about it!



  • Wow, nice solution! Sorry that that's necessary right now - I'm going to add multichannel output to both Loopy and Audiobus soon, but a few more pressing things have been diverting my attention.

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    I'm so glad starshiphatch took the time to write this up :)

    I thought it would be possible once I saw the metronome as an option, but had not taken the time to try it.

  • Just badly needed a way ;-)
    @michael: Thank you for responding. Multichannel output would be amazing, I really look forward to it! And hey, no bad feelings, I know you are getting swamped with feature requests.

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