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Clear All Tracks binding doesn't reset tempo

If I clear all tracks in a session one by one, the tempo gets reset. If I clear all tracks with the same named binding, the tempo remains. I think the binding should reset the tempo like when you clear tracks one by one.

I'm looking for a way to use a session template with pans all pre-set. If I reset session, the pan settings are removed (not wanted). So the clear all tracks binding is the most logical way to create a new song within the same session and keep the pan settings, but the tempo from the previous song remains.


  • I see Pro's and Con's to what you're saying, but just to be clear (no PUN intended).

    Using the midi binding "Clear all tracks" leaves the Tempo unchanged, but using the midi binding "Clear track x" and clearing all the tracks one by one results in the Tempo being reset (unset) when you clear the last track. Is that correct?

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    Yes. Or even just clearing them all out one by one via swiping resets the tempo.

  • Ah! That's definitely unintentional - I'll take a look at this for the .10 point release

  • I've had a look at this, and it appears to be functioning as expected. What should be happening is that if the session tempo was determined by the first recording of a track (automatically), then if you clear the last track of a session, it should reset the clock.

    If, however, you set the tempo manually (either via the slider or tempo-tapping), then it won't reset that if you clear the only track of a session.

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    I never pre set the tempo manually or by tapping, loopy always calculates the tempo from the first recorded track but when clearing all tracks with the binding the tempo remains.

    Here's a video: http://youtu.be/lV83DMLO_js

  • Oh dear - okay, thanks for the update, will see if I can figure it out =)

  • This'll be fixed in .10, coming soon.

  • Thank you!!!

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