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Audio clipping when recording with the built-in mic

edited July 2014 in Support and Feedback

Hey, guys. So, I have acquired the Loopy HD for my iPhone 5 few months ago.
Since then I used it quite a little, 'cause every time I record something with the built-in mic, it plays back clipped.
I tried to use the mic of the earpods from Apple, and it does not clip at all. But, it isn't the sound quality you would expect in an app with "HD" in the name. I talked to them about refunding and returning the app and they said that should be a problem with the app. I don't want to buy an external mic to make the application work the way it should.
What can I do?


  • If you suspect software as the problem, try recording with a built-in app - the Voice Notes app is an obvious choice. If that clips, it's hardware. If not, get back to me.

  • Hi, Michael.
    Voice notes, calling and other voice input are working fine.

  • The new version (.9) has input gain controls. Try reducing your input gain.

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