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Hey, I know this is pretty basic for most of yall, but with deployment coming up and my lack of knowledge i'd really appreciate a quick answer. I recently purchased a microkorg synthesizer and i'd like to be able to loop live on my ipad. What do I need to do?


  • I guess to clarify, i'd like to produce sounds (or midi?(?) from my synth and be able to loop and layer with my ipad. looping and layering voice would be awesome too.

  • You'll just need an audio interface to loop the sounds from your microkorg. Loopy doesn't record MIDI. There are threads here on the forum that go over interfaces. This thread on the Audiobus forum has a lot of opinions too

    The Focusrite iTrack would appear to be the new hotness though I've never tried it. More here:

    If you're shipping out, you might look for one that does not require power or a powered hub. Or you could consider getting a little USB battery pack to power the hub if needed. They're around 30-40 bucks.

    Good luck!

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    damn hours of research and i wouldnt have figured thats what i need lol.
    with an audio interface, can i also loop voice with my ipad mic?

    Also, will something like the itrack dock have the capability to loop and layer, or will i have to download an app like loopy?

  • The audio interface gets audio (and in some cases midi, too) to your iPad. So yes you can layer voice, keys, whatever you can plug into the interface.

    I don't know about the itrack, but I've got the alesis ioDock and it works well with my iPad2 and loopy.

    You would need some kind of looper app and Loopy HD is IMHO the best iPad looping app for miles.

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    i really appreciate the quick and precise answers! i'll probably be back on this forum pretty soon... haha thanks you both.

    edit: just to confirm, can i use my ipad mic while its plugged into the interface, or will i NEED a seperate mic?

  • The interface will need it's own mic. I don't know if any interfaces allow you to keep using the internal mic (maybe some can??) because the job of the interface is to allow you to plug stuff into the instruments/mics etc. if you plan to plug in a mic and the Korg make sure your interface can accept two inputs. Otherwise you might need a small mixer before the interface.

    good luck with deployment. Let us know how the looping goes.

  • Of course, you could use loopy just with the internal mic for voice, but this would rule out the Korg.

    PS take some headphones

  • iLLEST, if you get the Focusrite iTrack, be sure to take some MIDI cables so you can use your microKorg to control synths/drums/virtual instruments running on your iPad.

    Not sure what your timeframe is but just buy the MIDI cables, then come back here when you have time to research "Audiobus for iOS" and the whole world of routing iPad instruments and vocals and effects into Loopy. Its pretty mind-blowing what you can do.

    And definitely get a vocal mic + XLR cable (just go with a Shure SM58 if its gonna get knocked around/ exposed to the elements).

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    hey i ended up getting the itrack dock, audiotec2020 mic and some audiotec m35 headphones.. cannot for the life of me figure out why sound is only coming from one side from my mic on loopy. mic works fine on other apps. input 1 = left side, input 2=right side. when i use loopy to pan right, no sound at all was recorded. also coming across another problem where the mic stops working once i plug in the synth via L/R outputs.

  • @iLLEST - see reply

    on left channel only recording.

    On the topic of plugging in your synth, where exactly are you plugging in? The iTrack has 2 inputs. You can either plug in the standard XLR (3 pin balanced) microphone cable OR the 1/4 inch (unbalanced) TS jack to each channel not both on the same channel. I assume the TS jack is disconnecting the XLR connection when inserted. This is common, like how the external speaker turns off when you insert your headphone jack.

  • I use the 2 1/4 inch plugs from synth to interface. Would buying a Y connector and plugging it into a separate input on the interface solve the problem? Or what other cable would I need? I see single 1/4 to XLR in the store.

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    So I picked up the Y connector, now the synth runs from L/R 1/4's to the interface Y connector to input 2. Trying to loop voice and synth on loopy, but it doesn't seem to be picking up the synth.

    edit: ok they have to be on the same input for loopy to pick them both up.

    BTW thank you all for your responses, this stuff doesn't come natural to me lol, and researching takes hours just for simple questions.

  • @iLLEST - they don't have to be on the same input, if you use input 1 and input 2 on the iTrack, you will need to change the setting in Loopy to use R+L. If you have your mic on one input and your synth on the other, the vocal will be on one side on the headphones and the synth on the other. Depends on what you want. It can be a few to many choices sometimes, but not enough at other times.

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    I have my mic in input 1 and my synth with 1/4 connectors going into a Y cable. I can hear the synth if its plugged into 1 or 2, but loopy will only record it if its plugged into 1. If its plugged into 1, then I can't hear my mic.

    edit: mic on input 1, with input setting L then i can hear and record with mic, synth on input 2, with input setting R then i can record synth, but not with mic and vice versa.

  • @iLLEST - with both input 1 and 2 connected, you need to select L+R in Loopy

  • But it seems to only record on 1 side when I do that. Is there an easy fix for this like using a different cable?

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    @iLLEST - see picture. maybe it clearifies it.

  • i love pictures thank you @ganthofer . so what this means is that even if i only hear it on one side, during play back i will be able to hear it on both sides.

  • @iLLEST - That depends on the settings of iTrack Direct Monitoring, Loopy Monitoring and Loopy Input selection:

    What is heard:

    • iTrack Direct Monitoring ON
    • Loopy Monitoring OFF

      • What you hear on the head phones:
      • Input 1 is heard on Left side of Headphones
      • Input 2 is heard on Right side of Headphones
    • iTrack Direct Monitoring OFF

    • Loopy Monitoring ON
    • What you hear on the head phones depends on Loopy input selection:

      • Left - Input 1 is heard on both sides of headphones
      • LeftRight - Input 1&2 heard, 1 on Left and 2 on Right side of headphones
      • Right - Input 2 is heard on both sides of headphones
    • iTrack Direct Monitoring ON

    • Loopy Monitoring ON
      • combination of the 2 above. Not really recommended to use this way, but it won't hurt anythig.

    What is recorded:

    • Loopy input selection:
      • Left - Input 1 is recorded Mono (on play back you will hear on both sides of headphones)
      • LeftRight - Input 1&2 are recorded Stereo (on play back you will hear on 1 on Left and 2 on Right side of headphones)
      • Right - Input 2 is recorded Mono (on play back you will hear on both sides of headphones)
  • @ganthofer I really appreciate your time helping me, and everyone else who chimed in. I'm leaving Monday but I'll have some internet access and plenty of time to come up with more questions. Thank you!

  • @iLLEST - Good Luck and Safe Travels

  • Read four YouTube comments and it's easy to forget that there nice people on the Internet willing to help a fella out. High Five @Ganthofer.

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