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Vocal loop cover of "Hit the Road Jack"

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Hey guys, I just finished this.


Thanks for listening!

Apps used: Loopy HD and JamUp (for the bass, and some compression for the drums), and of course Audiobus.
I wanted to use Turnado too, but in the end I experienced some crackles and removed it from the effects slot.


  • Very cool @elmrule. Maybe I'm missing something, but how are you adding the vocal harmonies?

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    Thanks Ben! Everything you hear is done / added by my voice. I know, bad camera angle and kind of dark, so you don't really see me sing sometimes. But it is all live and vocal.

    If you are referring to the harmonies in the chorus, I overdub one part of it (hit the road...come back) with the same vocals (doubling it), then sing the "no more..." harmonies while still overdubbing.

  • Fantastic, @elmrule! I love this!

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    OK, this is brilliant. entertaining, making it look easy. well done mate!

    I was going to ask... then I checked the youtube description:

    Published on Jun 23, 2014

    Hardware: iPad Mini Retina, Apogee Duet, reloop keyfadr, Shure SM58

    Software: Loopy HD, JamUp

  • also, don't forget to mention Audiobus in your YouTube description!

    credit where credit is due ;-)

  • thank you guys for the feedback, much appreciated! yeah, gotta add Audiobus, forgot that.
    the thing is, in combination with midi Loopy is just very very powerful as a live tool.

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