Feature Request: MIDI track

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Would it be possible to have in a future version of Loopy, the ability to select between regular audio track and MIDI track.

It would be a nice feature in order to record MIDI input from an external controller ( or from an internal controler, like SoundPrism )
And then being able to loop that MIDI sequence and send it to a sound generator, thus allowing the user to tweak sound generator params without having to play the song...

Note for "A tasty pixel": I'm an experienced developer and i would be glad to help you develop such a feature ... :)

Thanks again for this excellent product !

Clément Vidal


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    As long as A Tasty Pixel is hiring new developers I'll one up this... :)

    When recording a loop, record both audio and MIDI (if present). Can use it fix bad performances or experiment more with sounds later. Thumbjam does this currently but only with it's internal instruments.

  • I second this ! back in 2011 , I was already suggesting the possibility of loading midi drum loops in loopy . It was nicknamed killer feature at this time and was on Mickael' s slate . It didn 't see the light yet due to Audiobus development propably but I hope this killer feature has its time now with the help of third party sample players ( like bismark bs-16 or other.)

  • Yeah, I like this idea too. Thinking about it for my New Loopy Project =)

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