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Loopy HD controlled by Lemur - quitting after around 15 minutes

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I have a an iPad 3. I'm using Loopy HD wthl all 12 tracks loaded. I have a Lemur template running that's randomly toggling mute on the 4 tracks in each row. I.e. only one track from each row is unmuted at any moment. I have seen that Loopy will unexpectedly quit after say 15 minutes or so.

I'd like to use this set-up live but am a bit hesitant if I don't know that it will quit at any moment. Any ideas? Anyone else see anything similar?

Amazing app by the way :-)



  • Just curious, do you have to use FreEwi to bridge between Lemur and Loopy?

  • Yes indeed.

  • I've been working on a Lemur template that morphs and stores Loopy snapshots and haven't noticed any problems like that yet. But It hasn't been stress-tested for extended periods of time. I'm on an iPad4, 7.1.1 I'll post if I notice a similar problem. Normally Loopy is not crash-prone so all I can suggest at the moment is watch your free memory levels with one of those system monitor apps while running your configuration and re-boot the iPad if necessary. I can't be be more helpful with your specific problem, but just wanted to reply because it can get pretty quiet in here when Lemur is brought up.

  • @erols - if you haven't, I would recommend nod you send the log file after loopy close this way. It may be helpful to @Michael. When you open Loopy back up, Help>Feedback/Support>Email Support.

    I don't have Lemur, but I have a little free time to maybe simulate in MobMuPlat. What iDevice are you using ( I have an iPhone 5c, iPad 3 and Air). What are the approximate loop lengths and the frequency of change ( range).

  • @Smeeeth - Thanks for the help. I will just be careful to shut everything down before starting up my set-up.

    @ Ganthofer - I'm running an iPad 3 and selecting and deselecting tracks once every bar on 4 bar loops. When it happens I get a message asking to send coach logs and I always click yes.

    Seems ok so far if I'm careful to shutdown all background process and restart Loopy, Lemur and FreeWi.

  • @erols - it looks like @Smeeeth may have got you going in the right direction.

    I definitely close everything that us not needed and go into air plain mode ( if I don't need wifi and/or cell). If weird intermittent problems occur, I then close everything and do a power off of the iPad and the start it up clean and into airplane mode. Sometimes Apps don't release all the resources they were using, just by closing ( glitch in iOS, poor App programming, who knows).

    Let me know if it still happens and I'll try simulating on my iPad 3 with loopy and MobMuPlat.

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