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Sound cutting out and crackling

I'm having sound issues using loopy hd on an iPad mini (newest model) with a scarlet 2i2 USB audio interface and a soft step midi foot switch. The sound is great for a little while but seems to inevitably cut out and/or crackle. I can usually resolve the issue by unplugging and plugging in the CCK, but the crackle is really unacceptable in the middle of a live set. Since I play mostly hour long live sets, this makes loopy unstable and unreliable for live performance. I don't run any other software and have my ipad on airplane mode while performing. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm playing live gigs this weekend and don't have my boomerang with me, as I flew here and was trying to pack light. Please help!


  • First, a few questions:

    • how long have you have THIS exact hardware setup? E.g. Mini, CCK, powered Hub, Scarlet and soft step
    • have tried another Music App with THIS exact hardware setup and had it run stable for long periods of time? E.g. Garage band

    Some likely hardware failure points:

    • CCK (Apple or other?). I have read many times where a non-Apple CCK has been the source of many problems. Not always, and not all are created equal. They are usually cheaper because of lower quality components inside.
    • powered USB hub. Again, they vary widely in the quality of the components used and how stable the power is internally.
  • I have had this exact setup for at least 2-3 weeks, maybe a month now. I haven't yet tried with another music app, but I do have garage band, so I'll see if I can give it a try.

    The CCK is the apple brand from their website. I do use a powered USB hub. It's a dynex 4 port USB hub that I plug the scarlet and the soft step into.

    Thanks for your prompt reply! Any suggestions other than trying garage band?

  • Well shit! Just listened to about 20 minutes of the auto guitar on garage band and the sound cut out! It's definitely not loopy. Does this mean I have a cheapo USB hub? I've never had issues recording in the past with my scarlet 2i2 into ableton live on my laptop (obviously not using a powered USB hub.)

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    My guess would be the hub. Wouldn't completely rule out the CCK, as you don't use it with your laptop either.

    You can get some idea of it load capacity by looking at the wall wart that comes with it. There is usually a rating on it e.g. 5v @ 2amps (4 ports x 500 mA = 2000mA). Not a definitive check, but can indicate possible problems if it isn't at least 500mA times the number of ports. Obviously you're only using 2 ports, but again, inexpensive hub are that for a reason and not just the labor rates in the country of manufacture.

    Doesn't help you at the moment, but using a powered hub on your laptop should be a good way to check if the hub a) is the problem b) finding one that works long term. You should see the same problem when using the laptop.

    One other thought, how many and what do you have connected as inputs to the scarlet? I would guess that the scarlet draws more power that the soft step and depending on what and how many inputs are connected ( as well as thinks like the gain on the input channel) will have some effect on how much power it draws from the hub.

  • I've left the house for the evening, but will get back with info on the power supply for the hub.

    As for the scarlet inputs, I have a guitar and mic running into a powered mixer, through an effect pedal and into the scarlet via one 1/4 inch cable.

    Any suggestions for a solid USB hub? I was also reading about USB cable quality. I'm really hoping to fix this with a shopping trip tomorrow before my gig tomorrow night!

    Thanks again for all your help!

  • Sorry, no recommendation on a powered hub. I don't use a CCK, so I haven't had to deal with this directly. Poor USB cable quality would most likely result in slow data transfers, due to corrupt data and resending. Do try to keep you USB cables as short as possible. The longer they are and the higher the current draw, the more likely you are to have problems.

    The best recommendation I have is to check what your current hub wall wart is rated at. Like I said above, typical max draw on USB 2.0 is 500mA. With a 4port hub I would want a wall wart that could drive all 4 at max. If the wall wart isn't rated for that, then it could be that the ports themselves are not capable of or not rated for providing the 500mA they should per the standard.

    I wish you Luck and hope that solves your problem.

  • The wall wart is rated at 5v 2A, but I noticed the hub itself is rated 5v DC 100mA. Odd.

    If you don't use a CCK, what do you use for your audio interface?

  • I use an Alesis iodock and a Griffin Studio Connect. The iodock I originally got for my iPad 3. Then I got an iPad Air and used a 30 pin to lightning adapter. Then I got a really sweat deal on an open box Studio connect (30 pin - under $25). Both have 5pin din Midi, so the FCB connects and I can connect me keyboard (Q25) into the FCB. If I want both my guitar and mic the I use the iodock, if only using one then the Studio Connect is fine.

    They both have their pros and cons, but I don't do busking or live performances, so they're fine for me.

  • Just thought I'd let you know that I played Saturday and Sunday nights (an hour each) with zero issues! Or rather, not this issue...new sound guy was another issue :P

    I ended up replacing both the USB hub and the CCK just to be safe. Once I get back home and am able to figure out which one was the problem, I'll report back!

    Thank you SO much for your help! My show would have been much less awesome with a major hiccup like that and thanks to you it didn't happen! One more show tonight and I fly home tomorrow. Thanks again!

  • Good to hear it's running stable.

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