Feature Request: Audio Send Channels?

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No idea if this is even possible,

I like to use Loopy in Audiobus as a source (very cool on its own!) and effect it. Is there a way to make a Send to FX option? Lets say I want Loop #3 to be sent thru effects, and all other loops to remain unchanged. I feel this is sort of a dumb question, as Audiobus sends [app] into [app] into [app], straight. Maybe it's a pipe dream. Maybe I should put the pipe down :)


  • I'm new to loopy but i guess u can do that by open loopy in innput in AB And another loopy in the output. U can place fx in the middle of it and launch the loop u want to.be affected

  • @Flash is correct.

    @Cubilas - Put Loopy in the AB input slot and open it. The go back to AB and press the plus to add another input to the same AB route. Now you should see an i in a circle to the right of Loopy. Press this and you get a list of the tracks to select as input. Then delete/remove the first Loopy input from the AB route.

  • Thanks for the response @Fash & I appreciate the detailed clarification, @Ganthofer. I had no idea this was possible. Never checked that i in a circle, did not know there are additional routings for some apps! This is just awesome.

  • This is gonna get a lot easier in AB 2.1, by the way; those ports will appear before the app's launched.

  • @ Michael - that will be a nice improvement.

  • Wow. That's great news @michael.

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