Connecting a footpedal

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Hi all:
I purchased a Softstep 2. The first time I connected it to my iPad Air I found it in Loopy by using a port in the Midi/Control Inputs Section. There were several ports there at the time. After disconnecting the softstep and reconnecting, the only port that shows up in that section is "Network Session 1", and the softstep doesn't register when I try to use it for midi bindings. Any advice? Thanks.


  • I think I figured it out. When the iPad dropped below 20% power, it stopped providing enuf juice to fully power the softstep (it was still on, but not being seen). I added external power to the ss and it showed up immediately. Thanks.

  • Sometimes the order in which you connect (unconnected) devices and/or start (stop) Apps has an affect on connections being recognized.

    For example: with no Apps running, connect your hardware devices ( e.g. Softstep), then open your App(s).

    Results vary, and sometimes a complete shut down and turn on seems to be needed by iOS.

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