Lin6 Mobile in Latency Probs / Experience with the ioDock latency?

edited June 2012 in Techniques
hi, di anyone try the line6 mobile in Box with Loopy?

I use it with an ipad2, but if i try to play with 2 ipads(ipad A & ipad B) synced over WIST, one to the Mixer Masterchannel out 1/2, the other to the subchannel 3/4 through Mobile In into Loopy HD i got an Latency about, its hard to say but around 6-8 msec maybe.
It feels strange, dont groove, like / hanging somewhere...?-[]
If i route ipad B to MAsterout 1/2, it rocks :-)
anyone experience with it?
How is it with the ioDock from Alesis, how much is the latency there?
2. Did anyone try the MIDI-CLock out with it? i want to sync it with Live&Korg KAosspad3....

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