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Hi michael,

Maybe you will find some time for your hungry baby and give them a little update food....


I try different controller setups, whats really weird is the numbering of the tracks.....9 track layout
The tr.1 is upper right.....tr9 down left....

I see 2 big layouts in my life,
Look @ my phone & the 1 is upper left......
Look @ my calc the 1 is down left......

Why did you choose your layout like you do?
Maybe this is your Stnadardlayout downunder ;-)?? This is strange for me....(rest of the world?)

AND it will be great to choose a fix row or a table for the in Ports....



  • Hey Tobi - Yeah, this is something I'm gonna change. The original reason it's like it is is so that you can rotate the device without the spatial relationship between tracks changing - the whole screen just rotates. The track numbers are then kept the same - the default layout is portrait, so the tracks run top left to bottom right, but when you rotate, the tracks keep the same layout - just rotated.

    I'm gonna change things so the tracks re-layout on rotation, so that track 1 is always at the top left.

  • great!
    thx, than i have to wait for this...

  • Hi Michael,

    I have purchased loopy. I have watched the video tutorials but i would like to know if loopy will be introducing undo/redo feature. Also can you talk me through how to set the first loop without a pre selected tempo and then have the following loops auto sync to that first loop. I can do this with my roland rc300 but i want to be able to replace the rc300 with loopy if it offers me all the same features.


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    To set the first loop without a pre selected tempo - at least how I do it :)

    In track management set up synch track ON, count in record ON, count out record OFF.

    This way you can set the length of the first loop via your footswitches or screen taps instead of a preset tempo/length.

    Any subsequent loops can be any multiple of the first one, just decide as you go.

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