switch groups recorded?

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Hello, I need to record the tracks separating into four columns (3 vertical tracks each) how different parts of a song.

Using a foot controller, is there any command to switch the block that is playing? (group A, B, C and D)

In rc-300 there are 3 banks, where you can switch them easily (or ring simultaneously). as loopy features 12 tracks, I would use all without overdubs. Is that possible?


  • I also would like some help on this topic! Thanks!!

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    There isn't a group option within Loopy HD, but you could set this up pretty easily with a virtual MIDI app running in the background. Something like MIDI Designer (lite version is free, has no restrictions).

    You would have to set a toggle button in MIDI designer that responds to the foot controller, and sends the command to the three loops in loopy. In MIDIDesigner, this is called a "super control" which can duplicate the action and send to a group of "sub-controls."

  • Hi, this is very interesting.

    But only works with MIDI foot?

    I'm developing bluetooth QWERTY with 15 buttons (and 26 controls using the Shift key)

    Not yet finished, but it works fine. Missing some adjustments.

    If possible configure QWERTY commands this way, yeah That would be perfect.


  • wow, nice one!

    MIDI Designer doesn't work with QWERTY keystrokes. For that, you would need something that converts the keystrokes to MIDI before going thru the process I describe above. There's a new app just released called "Double Decker" that may do this, I haven't tried it yet.

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    Because of how iOS handles keyboards, the app will need to run in the foreground -- but it can send notes to MIDI apps in the background.

  • right, so either you have to do everything without the visuals of Loopy, or set up Double Decker to run on another iDevice and send the MIDI over wifi to your device running Loopy and MIDI Designer. Sounds a bit complicated... but I've had success sending MIDI between two iPads over wifi.

  • ok, I think I did. but I just got an ipad mini retina.

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