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Loopy HD Deleted itself on my ipod touch.

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Quite world shattering, I'm going to reinstall it but I'm unsure if all of my previous loopy hd data will be removed. I'm not sure why it wouldve deleted itself. Maybe a bug with it being open too long in the background while in standby. I'm super worried and have to get to work in an hour and won't be able to thing straight.

I have not even synced my ipod in the past month. It has been sitting on my desk being charged to the wall


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    Ive reinstalled loopy but yes, ALL of my previous projects have been removed. How am I to protect myself from this random data-deletion in the future?

    I managed to restore from an older backup, which restores loopy hd's app data. I've still lost a month of work but that's doable. I will have to make sure I back up nearly weekly if this is how my ipod is going to act.

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    No! how tragic. so sorry to hear this. I've never heard of an iOS app deleting itself. Kids in the house poking around the idevice? yes. inadvertent pocket presses, yes. I'm baffled at the thought; I really don't think there is any way it could be a Loopy HD bug, not that its any consolation at this point.

    The fact remains that things can go wrong on any digital device. So, to everyone else (including myself): go back up your sessions and tracks to iTunes! especially if you depend on your iPad for business and gigs. and then back up again next week, etc...

  • Sorry to hear of your lost data. Any other Apps gone missing?

    While I have not heard of this happening before, any truly important data should be backed up some where on a regular basis.

    I know it doesn't help now, but electronics fail, solid state drives die, glitches happen. Best is to get into the habit of backing up at the end of every creative session, next would be on a daily or weekly basis, depending on how frequently you create new data.

    I find using iTunes cumbersome (I have a Windows laptop), so I use iFunbox, which I find easier and quicker to access my files on my iPhone and iPad. There have been discussions about exporting complete sessions to Dropbox. Perhaps in a future update.

    Check out the Feature poll and add you vote to the Dropbox or your favorite cloud storage.



  • Ouch! That sucks, @auxili =( Cloud service integration is definitely something I wanna do.

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