Record short drum loop that is auto-extended?

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I've tried to do homework in reading other posts, and haven't seen this mentioned specifically. First, thanks for awesome app that works with iPad. I gave up on using Mobius and PC laptop and FCB1010, because I'm not smart enough. This question may be further proof of that, so thanks in advance for your patience.

I want to record 2 bars of bodhran (Celtic drum). It might be jig time (6/8) or reel, (quick 4/4).
Now I want to move to next loop and record the jig or reel (on tin whistle) to the drum's rhthym. I don't want the tin whistle recording to stop after 2 bars. I want it to last as long as it lasts, and have the drum loop extend itself until the jig is done, automatically. I know I can double the bars (and + or -) on the drum loop until I get the right number of bars for the jig, but this seems really cumbersome, and I'd have to work out math for the right number of bars for hundreds of jigs and other songs of varying lengths.

There's probably already a built-in way of doing this auto-extension of a short loop while recording the next longer loop, but I don't see it yet. I'd be grateful if you can fill me in, or ask for a better explanation.

Thank you!


  • Turn off Count-out recording.

    Track management > Count-out recording OFF

    I am assuming Synchronize tracks and Count-in recording is ON from you description. Recommend you set Count-in Quantize to Clock Length.

    Loopy will continue to record until you stop it. This will be true for the first loop also. When you end your recording (toggle record, toggle mute, or what ever) it will continue to record until the end of the current clock cycle (Quantize to clock length). So it is recommended that you tap to end a little early and let Loopy take care of the details.

    Good luck and let us know if this works out.

  • Thanks for the very quick response. Count-in made intuitive sense to me, but I wasn't sure what count-out was for. I will try that today and assume it works out!

    Thanks again!

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