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The Looper + LogicPro

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Hey, great app first and foremost.

I'm just wondering wether at this time or future it's possible to route the app through Logic Pro? For example I really want to use my piano with looper but recording it through the iPad mic would sound crappy. I know that looper has a MIDI connection but I'm wondering whether this is possible.

Thanks in advance.


  • Welcome to the Loopy forum.

    Loopy only uses Midi to control it ( stop, start, record, next track, ....).

    To get an external audio source into Loopy (or the iDevices in general), an external audio interface gives the best results. The Loopy wiki http://wiki.loopyapp.com/ has a list (not all inclusive) of audio interfaces. Some of the also provide Midi In/Out.

    Not sure from your description what or where your piano is (real acoustic, stand alone electric, software engine with midi keyboard, ...).

    If you are not set on getting YOUR piano into Loopy. But open to getting a piano/synth into Loopy, then check out AudioBus
    and any of the AudioBus compatible piano/synth Apps. http://audiob.us/apps/

    Hope that helps. If not, give me a few more details, I can be a little slow catching on sometimes ;-)

  • If you're looking for a good looper on your computer and are okay with a bit of set-up time, go get the free Mobius looper vst. You can control it with your computer keyboard or a midi button pad. It's the closest thing to Loopy that I've found for a desktop. Also waaay more customizable if you have some basic programming skills.

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