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a button for each track

edited May 2014 in Support and Feedback

hi, I want to control with a foot loopy bluetooth controller with a button for each track where, pressing the first time will record audio, second play mode, and mute for the third ring. (it was easy in RC300)

Which of these commands will do all this for me? (rec / play / pause)

thank you


  • I think Toggle Mute track # will do what you want. On a Empty track it will start Recording, the next time it will end the recording and the Track plays, the next time it will Mute the track. For already recorded tracks it simply Mutes and unMutes them.

    I have not used an RC300, but be aware that Pause may have a slightly different meanings for Loopy.

    • Loopy is either Running or Paused, as shown by the Pause/Play button and the clock indicator loop stopped or going round.
    • You can not Pause one Loop (track), only Mute it.
    • recorded Loops (tracks) are either Muted or unMuted.
  • yes, it worked well.
    thank you

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