I need help setting up Lexicon Omega on a laptop using Audacity!

I just bought the Lexicon Omega and I have the driver set up and installed and everything is recognized. What I need assistance with is using the proper settings and making sure I have everything hooked up the correct way. Here is what I have...Lexicon Omega, Microphone and headphones.
Audacity if anyone is familiar with it. I am loading a backing track into Track 1 and then I want to hit record and record my vocals through the lexicon into Track 2. The lexicon shows my vocals are coming through mic but they are not coming through on track 2, just straight line. I need to know what to set my outputs and inputs to and also when I plug in headphones to the lexicon and play music I hear nothing! I obviously don't have it set up properly and lastly am I missing some connections on the back ?? There are 4 lines but not sure if I need to have connections plugged in on any of those 4 lines and there is a Line out L/R that I don't have anything hooked up there....do I need to have a mixer that it goes through to the computer? My main purpose here was to be able to record my voice over backing tracks that's it...and it seems like it's been a nightmare for me. Can anyone help? It would be greatly appreciated. You can send me an email to [email protected] or post here!
Thanks muchly
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