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Timeless loop

edited May 2014 in Support and Feedback

Is it possible to create a gapless loop of a sound that activates when I touch it? For example, if I make a loop with a single "Yeah," can I arrange it so when I press that loop the "Yeah" is heard instantly as opposed to having to wait for the indicator to go around?


  • Short answer - Yeah! BUT then you would not be able to have other loops playing. Not really what Loopy was intended for. A sample player would be more suited for your needs.

    In order to do what you want, you basically Pause Loopy (all tracks stop and return to top). Tap the Yeah track so it highlites. Tap the Play button and it plays immediately, then tap Pause to stop it from looping and reset it.

    Obviously this is not a really good solution for what you want.

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