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audiocopy problem import

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lately when I export a pattern of drumperfect for loopy audiocopy and shipping, it only fills 50% of the cycle, regardless of how many patterns are copied (x1, 4,8,16). tested in loopy loopy and HD. know why this happens?


  • Have you tried pasting to another app, like AudioShare, and looking at the pasted audio? It sounds like the pasted audio might have silence at the end.

  • Hi @Michael,

    I have no audioshare installed, always done with audiocopy.

    is curious, because before it worked normally. maybe some setting?

  • edited April 2014

    Hmm, have you tried playing with the "Fit imported loops"/"Fit loop to time" setting?

  • Yes. the problem comes from audiocopy because the drum tracks I have ever had before in the Loopy library, complete 100% duty cycle.

  • I opened drumperfect and loopy HD through Audiobus2 with the audio already recorded. Occurs in a small delay in relation to the rhythm tracks (midi sync) of drumperfect. I recorded the rhythm and turned the track to the left to find the exact sync. this works for home or studio recordings, but for live use is impossible.

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