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Midi sync - losing hope with Loopy

edited April 2014 in Support and Feedback

why developers Loopy not correct the problem Midi sync?
I just can not sync for a long time with another app (DrumPerfect) on my ipad mini retina.
A super interesting app, but unfinished, after 99% is not 100%
Why so abandoned? Just seeing so many threads on the subject and unsolved.


  • Hi @Ronaldo - as far as I know, Loopy works fine with most apps that provide a MIDI clock. Have you tried other apps with DrumPerfect? Debugging MIDI problems can be tricky, as it's often hard to tell at which end the problem lies.

    Loopy is not abandoned, but it's true that most of my time's taken up by Audiobus lately. I'm hoping to change that over the next few months.

  • hello @Michael, thank you for personally answer this question.
    I had a mini ipad and bought a mini ipad retina by having larger cache memory, because my goal is to run Loopy HD with DrumPerfect (replacing my old Boss RC-300 and DR-880 drum machine).
    But what happens after a few minutes of use that many temporary audio files are generated, clogging and compromising the timing between Loopy and DrumPerfect. (this happens with DrumJam and other drum machines).
    CMemory quickly installed and 98% of cache memory are taken.
    Maybe, if I had a provisriamente refresh button in Loopy to clear the memory without having to close everything and restart the system would be useful.
    Again thank you for your attention.

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