Advice Needed - External Mic For Voice & Acoustic Instruments

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I've been using loopy HD to add some extra layers for jamming with friends. Currently I've been making loops using the internal mic and monitoring with headphones. Once I have some loops I then plug loopy into some speakers and we all play on top of the loops.

Now I'd like to step it up and use an external mic so that we can record instruments live with better quality and without having to use headphones (and avoid background noise).

I know I need a usb microphone (like the blue Yeti) and the camera connector for iPad but do I need anything else? Can I then just plug speakers into the 3mm jack to record and loop "live"?

We're not performing... just playing at home!

Thanks for any help :)


  • If you want to get fancy, use an audio interface made for the iPad that has audio outputs and microphone inputs. There are plenty discussed on these forums. Costs $$, though.

    On the cheap, use your headphone out jack with adapters and cable for your audio out, and a USB microphone. You can decent Chinese-made microphones on eBay for ridiculously low prices, and they sound decent. Most USB mics just use an electret capsule, anyway.

    In both cases, run your audio output into a stereo, boombox, guitar amp, or (preferably) PA system. Use something with decent fidelity and speakers.

    In all cases, try to make sure that your input microphone is not close to or pointed at your speakers, or you will get loops that have lots of background audio in them.

  • Thanks for your help! If using the cheap option, would you recommend something like this as the adapter...

    I had read that using the headphone jack has some problems and its much much better to use the lightning connector at the bottom.... Is that correct?

  • Yes, that's correct .... you will get better audio fidelity using the Lightning connector. But for living room jams, the cheaper USB mics from China aren't all that bad if you already have a camera connector kit.

    If you want to "go pro" there are all sorts of different interfaces for iPad audio in and out, and some with MIDI input. So before you buy one of those, consider what you might want in the future also:

    • MIDI in (for foot switch control of iPad apps like Loopy)
    • MIDI out (for using the iPad as a MIDI controller)
    • 1/4" mic jacks (for guitars)
    • XLR mic jacks (for dynamic mics)
    • phantom power (for condensor mics)
    • external power supply, and will power/charge the iPad (a good thing to have)
    • gain control (input "volume") and volume control (output volume)

    For example, the iRig you link to pretty much only has the XLR and gain control features. But it will do everything you need for quality mic input to Loopy, and a line out to a speaker/PA.

    If you go pro, do a search on "interface" in these forums, and you'll get info on what people are using with Loopy, what is working, etc. Then read reviews for products to see if people are happy or complaining. You can spend a little or a lot, just figure out what features your really need before you buy....

  • Hello, I have a BERHINGER UCA 202, iPAD air, AKAI midi controller and everything is connected through a USB HUB. I would like to record some acoustic in Loopy HD through a traditional SHURE SM58 (who doesnt have usb out). Is it possible to plug the mic into UCA 202 / 222 through rca inputs and then using it in loopy hd? I tried with some adapters xlr/rca from shure to UCA 202 with no results, sound from the microphones doesnt arrive into loopy hd.

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