Numark Orbit wireless midi controller with Loopy?

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Although the original software is compatible with Windows and Mac, will this work with midi controller Loopy HD?
If not just a QWERTY keyboard, full of lights and colors, could work in background as foot controller with 16 buttons
What do you think?


  • Wow, that looks pretty darned cool. It costs a lot less than I expected ($US 99). I want one!

    Yes, from looking at the manual, it appears that it could be configured to control Loopy. It sends MIDI via USB. Apparently you can wire it directly via USB, or use it wirelessly (with included USB receiver; not sure how latency would be for looping if you use it wirelessly, though). So you would need USB into your iPad.

    You have to first configure what MIDI you want to send using Numarks software, which runs on Windows or Mac. The default MIDI may work OK, though.

    To use it as a foot controller? That would be a hacker project, for sure. Got soldering iron?

  • Looks pretty interesting, wait for someone to test with the iPad with the USB dongle receiver.

    If Orbit operate wirelessly in the background is perfect for me.

    The USB cable can be guaranteed when the battery dies Orbit. (with usb hub)

    -> 16 pads x 4 = 64 stored commands. not bad.

    Found on ebay for $ 59 and Amazon for 69

    Who will be first?

  • It is a class compliant USB device, so you should have no issue using it with the iPad and a CCK (with/without a powered USB hub)

  • If it was Bluetooth, I'd be in. But being USB based, I personally wouldn't really be gaining anything over what I already have. Very cool find though.

  • emailed directly to the manufacturer and said it would not be possible to use this way.

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