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No Sound from track after irig disconnected.

After recording multiple tracks into the looper with Audiobus, Amplitube (with iRig), Sunrizer, and DM1, if I save session and even record, after I remove the iRig, there's no sound from the tracks recorded with Amplitube. The sound indicator on the bottom moves as if the track is playing, but there's no sound. The volume is up on track,and on phone. If I close everything out and reattach iRig the recorded track plays fine. Am I missing a setting somewhere?


  • I guess you are using a iPod 5th gen. I have the same problem here. Imported/audiocopied loops play back just fine, but recorded guitar will not.

  • I'm using an iphone 5s

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    I also just uploaded the recording to soundcloud, and while the guitar doesn't play on my phones recording in Loopy, it uploaded to soundcloud 100% intact.

    edit-My friend just listened to the track on soundcloud and the guitar part of the recording isn't playing. After some testing, the guitar track plays when listening to the song on a computer, but is missing when listening on mobile devices.

  • I just experienced: guitar recorded into the iPod 5 with an iRig does not play back on internal speaker, but plays fine on external ones.

    Guitar recorded on my iPod 4, then send to the iPod 5 through iFunbox, plays back fine on the iPod 5 internal speaker.

    Now when i send a loopy session, recorded in the iPod 5 to the iPod 4, i shows the same problem. Imported drum loops play back fine, but iRig recorded loops don't play back to the internal speaker. External speaker plays just fine.

    @Salintecra: I guess that when your song is being listened to from soundcloud on a mobile device, but plug it into an external speaker this would "solve" the problem

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