iRig Headphone Spill

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So.. I bought a secondhand iRig guitar plug off eBay..
When I go to record a second track on loopy I get spill from the first track..

The problem stops if I unplug the phones and record the second track blind (deaf?)

Is this a known issue with the iRig, or do I have a dud?


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    This is a well known issue with any recording done thru the headphone jack. The hardware inside an iOS device introduces cross talk when a signal is going out to the headphones and simultaneously recording a signal in from the headphone mic jack. Sorry you had to learn this the hard way!

    The problem will show up with any 3.5 mm recording interface, such as headphones with a mic, the iRig, and all of the many other options.

    The cheap solution is to just use the built-in mic in your iPhone or iPad, with the mic placed just right. As long as you monitor with headphones your recordings and looping can be surprisingly clean and accurate.

    The better solution is to look for digital audio interfaces made to plug into the 30-pin dock connector or the lightning connector. Apogee Jam, iRig HD, and Line 6 SonicPort are a few of the more basic guitar recording solutions, each around $100 in the US.

  • It completely stopped after a while, maybe i should have cleaned the contacts..
    I guess I wouldn't risk it live, but woohoo, I've just spent half an hour actually making music rather than soldering or ebay shopping :)

    Thanks to all on the forum for the advice.

  • My experience is that when the output level is high enough, this will be going back into the iPod and recorded. So the workaround is to never have high volume.
    Also be aware that using the headphone jack cuts out a lot of bass frequency and overall quality.

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    I don't know if I should start a new thread for this, but looking around the house I found these three items:
    Chinese fake camera connection kit /
    Powered USB hub /
    Soundblaster SB0270 usb audio interface /

    It's not pretty, but together, they all work and I have a high quality interface.
    The Stereo headphone jack and Stereo RCA line out are very high quality.
    The mono Microphone Jack works well. The quality is very good, zero hiss..
    BUT.. The RCA stereo line in just wont work.

    I have a feeling it's nearly there as loopy comes up with the orange line selector panel,
    and it is offering a choice between L , R , and LR,
    So it's like loopy can see the stereo inputs, but they are not connecting properly.

    I know it's tempting to blame the chinese CCK, but as it's a digital thing I would think it's either recognized.. or not..-so I'm wondering if anyone has solved a similar issue with USB audio interfaces?

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    I have a PV6USB mixer that I run into both iphone & and ipad air using the LIGHTNING/USB CCK. I use a cheap (5$) powered hub (usb 2.0) that I got off of ebay years ago. Before I used the powered hub, I got the same results as you, with the input showing up but no sound coming through.

    Even with the powered hub I tried hooking it up a couple of different ways, still getting the same results, before I stumbled across the solution.

    I think the trick might be with the hub. The hub is designed to extend the USB capabilities of the computer and therefore, there is a specific port that gets connected to the computer. The other ports are meant for the peripherals. Connect the port that would go into the computer to a camera cable, and then into the USB cck and then into your idevice. Choose one of the extendable usb ports in which to plug your mixer. This worked for me.

    A pleasant surprise for me was the I discovered I could monitor everything that's going on through the headphone connection on my mixer. Beyond that, it's just a matter of playing around with the in app settings where you choose whether or not the output gets fed back into the recorded mix.

    If that doesn't work it's likely your fake cck (if it's the kind that has usb and card reader, make sure the switch is set to usb)... it's definitely worth shelling out the $ to get the genuine lightning/usb cck adapter.

    An interesting side note is that I can use the CCK directly into garageband on my ipad without the powered hub. I am VERY curious why the hub is required for LoopyHD.

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