Trouble with the audio system

I bought loopy 2 days ago. The 1st day everything was ok. The second started to apear a sign "audio system reported error. Restart tour device". Since then the I cant overdub, even rewritte or hear what I made. The metronome stop functioning. Pelase help I was happy with loopy :(


  • Hi @Alexpianoforte,
    Have you tried rebooting the device?
  • I have the same problem and do not know how to fix it. I turn off the unit and go back to restart but nothing happens. I also affects the audio system from other apps like imaschine, fl studio polychords and hd. how I can fix the problem. which is the reboot?. thanks for the reply
  • This is interesting - have you both recently updated iOS or something? I haven't heard anyone else with this problem before, so I'm a little baffled right now.
    I have recently rewritten the audio engine for the next update, which should land relatively soon. If you can wait, that may solve the problem.
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