seperate metronome output please?? dealbreaker ?

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im new to all this so sorry for the newbee..maybe im missing something...its been mentioned
having no separate metronome output basically makes this app impossible for me to use.
i was looking foward to put my looper pedals in the closet, i bought a roland duo ex and bluetooth pedal for the setup,
but i was amazed at the lack of metrome out . ,am i missing something , can i clock something out. for instance play a beat on my edrums hpd 15,,,,then the bpm, witch it detects,,, will sends a signal to another app.audiobus or better start the metronome with the seperate output, say ,,,out the headphone jack of the ipad. becuase i just want only the click..
i have enough hardware for all this so im not to keen to buy more stuff to wire up....
thanks guys ....


  • Does the Roland Duo Ex has a MIDI port?

    The best workaround right now is to run your output in mono. Import one simple click as a loop and pan that hard right. Pan the rest of your loops hard left. Listen to the Right out, and send the left out to the house.

    I don't do this personally because I use an Alesis ioDock that has two inputs and I can't monitor things properly in mono.

    Hope it helps...

  • thanks for the quick response Boberto ,,,
    i read that already click thing ...but it kinda defeats the stereo i need , it has midi,,! but ill be using these channels for many other things . i guess im just spoiled by my sub out rythym setting on the boss rc300, i dont expect perfection from this app . but to use it in front of a mass of people, i need reliability especially , when trying to fix on the fly something on a software platform, i would look foolish with my finger poking my ipad , the duo ex is software controlled so ill try the method you mentioned. i hope the dev will update this , he seems really on the ball. and this seems like the only limitation i have , and the hardware i bought is jst entry level to me for now,,
    ill post a update of my fix,,, but ,,,whats your midi idea btw??? thanks

  • This is not a guarantee since Loopy does not play great with outboard MIDI or some internal MIDI clock stuff between apps - The idea was to set the clock running in a blank Loopy session by hitting the tap tempo. Once the clock is running, you can send MIDI Clock output FROM Loopy to one of your outboard pieces of gear and have the click playback to your headphones from some sort of outboard drum machine...

    @Michael knows that many of us live performers would really like to be able to somehow send out a click track that isn't audible to the audience.

  • I do indeed - it's high up on my todo list =)

  • wow you guys are on it quick . with response ...!!! thanks for the input ,,, (and hopefully the click output).... till then ,, gracia...

  • Hope this happens one day . Still using s hardware looper

  • @Dubsurftones said:
    wow you guys are on it quick . with response ...!!! thanks for the input ,,, (and hopefully the click output).... till then ,, gracia...

    That's because it had already been discussed here's your link

  • @Michael said:
    I do indeed - it's high up on my todo list =)

    @Michael - any chance you have considered the idea of a separate metronome out? This would be the greatest enhancement ever for those of us wanting to love loop.


  • Hey @symphonypans - Yeah, this is something I want to do; it's quite involved, though, and I've been super busy with other things. I can't make any promises, but I'll see what I can do once Audiobus 3.1's released.

  • @symphonypans @Dubsurftones ,

    You can have a separate Metronome output if:
    1) you have an audio interface with independent outputs
    2) With a third-party app managing the routing (like audiobus or Aum)

  • The upcoming Audiobus 3.1 update has multichannel out support, by the way, so you'll be able to address the separate metronome issue with that, until I've had a chance to build it into Loopy.

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