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Sum up of bugs and annoyances or "positive feedback"

edited April 2014 in Support and Feedback

Hi Mike,

First of all, great job with audiobus! As I read you're about to give Loopy some love again, I took some time to write down the bugs and annoyances I encountered over time. In order of importance:

1 toggle session pause and restart:
The last changes in this "toggle session pause and restart", makes the session not restart if there are pending loops, which make the program behave strange. Loop indicators being off, and loops stopping at illogical moments.

Having to reset the session with pending loops now ends up in: stop session. Cancel pending loops (to cancel pending to record loops I actually need to touch the screen) and then quickly start and stop the session to get the time indicator at the top again, which results in a short playing of the current unmuted loops, which are somewhere halfway their loop. Very unpleasant when playing live.

My vision would be to, when pressed always have the session restart, pending mutes/unmutes will restart from "zero" when session is continued and still carry the pending change, and pending to record loops, will instantly start recording when the session is continued.
I see great benefits if it would work properly.

2 Request MIDI binding:
A "toggle mute" which, when pressed while recording does not stop the recording, and at count out will mute the recorded track. Something like "Toggle mute, stop record after count out"
With this i can make a sequence of recording the verse/chorus/bridge in 1 go and go instantly back to the verse.
I would set all my current "mute" binding to this new binding, as i think the current way this binding works now is just erroneous when pressed on an already recording loop and the loop length is set already.

3 No first "waiting loop":
Let the loop start recording when mute/unmute in pressed while session is in pauze, when the session loop length is set already. Now it is waiting a whole round. Waiting a whole round can be accomplished by just starting and then unmute the desired track. I wish to in song, stop everything, play some guitar in the mean time, and when i press start again, to instantly record a new part.

4 Rerecord on loop with unset length:
After recording the first loop of the session (which will determine the session loop length) and rerecord is pressed, the new recording loop keeps the same length as the last "failed" loop. It would make sense to reset the loop so it will stop recording when the "Toggle mute" binding is pressed again.
When playing live i now have to stop the entire session if i make a mistake in the first loop recording.

5 pressing rerecord when having 2 loops recorded:
When i que 2 loops to record after each other, and while recording the first loop i press "rerecord" it will jump to the second loop and record that one first, whereafter the first loop will be recorded. I would like for them to stay in position and actually rerecord loop 1 first, and after still record loop 2. As you might know i do quite a tapdance while performing and if the layout of the footswitches changes, it really messes my mind while performing.


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