simple bluetooth footpedal setups

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Hi I just bought loopy. I have a bluetooth foot pedal.

I would like to use loopy as a live performance looper, and keep it simple by using 2 to 4 pedal buttons max.
Here's a great tutorial from KT Tunstall where she seems to get by fine with just TWO buttons on her Akai Headrush.

My question - is it possible to make operating loopy this simple?
So far there seem to be a lot of modes and states to go in and out of, making foot control tricky.
(For me as a noob at least)

Maybe we could come up with some bluetooth bindings that emulate tried and tested loop pedal setups?


  • Hi,

    Yes for sure! Keep in mind that Loopy doesn't stop loops like the headrush does, rather it mutes them when you don't want them.

    Here's a four button idea that gives you control over two loops and keeps things pretty simple.

    Button 1 toggle mute track one. (This will start recording on first press, second press stops recording but loop keeps playing. Each subsequent press will either mute or unmute the loop).

    Button 2 overdub track one.

    Button 3 toggle mute track two.

    Button 4 overdub track two.

    My 2 cents! You could do all sorts of things with 4 buttons...

  • Oh yeah...if you want to use the two loops in time with each other turn synchronisation ON. Mute count in/out is also useful to leave ON so you can hit it before the loop ends and it will mute/unmute exactly at the start of a cycle.

  • Good advice - I think I can have a universal overdub button to "overdub current track", which keeps the button count down.
    One more button to clear the session and you have a hands-free setup.

    So it looks like you can I can use loopy as a simple loop pedal and not have to shoegaze too much.


  • No worries! I like how Loopy can be simple or more complex...

    Let us know how you get on.

  • I REALLY WISH Loopy had a 'stop' binding.

  • image

    I built a four button pedal using an old bluetooth keypad and an old switch pedal
    I wouldn't reccomend it as I had to solder on a tiny SMD scale and the board
    is now a mess of hotglue.
    I will also have to add at least 6 more buttons if I ever want to enter a code to bluetooth connect to another device. I have enough footswitches to make 16 buttons, but maybe later...

    If I was starting from scratch I'd buy one of these:

    But for now, I have a free controller made from junk.
    No time to try it musically, but it seems to work :)

    1.jpg 51.7K
  • Yup,
    This works... Tested.... No problems.
    I had to try a few combinations of wires from the keyboard matrix.
    Some of the combinations "ghost" i.e. you get different or repeating characters.
    I tried adding diodes but in the end I just used trial and error to get good keys.

    With the second hand price of an iphone 3gs or an ipod touch 3rd gen so low
    this compares well to a dedicated pedal.

    Maybe not quite as reliable...

  • Well done! Is that a line 6 FB4 pedal?

  • Yes, the internal switches were pcb-mounted like a modern pedal,
    so all I could salvage was the shell. It looks very tidy.

  • Yeah, that's cool. I've got one lying around...there's a lot of room in there too.

  • Maybe this is a dumb question: why not just plug in the FB4 with a CCK? Is it not class compliant MIDI?

  • The FB4 not a midi footpedal and only works with some old line 6 products.
    It uses a cat5 cable connection for data and power.

  • I found out via this forum that some of the newer L6 controller boards send midi...but not the older ones.

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