Audiobus 2 and Loopy, Presets (state saving?) question

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Will it be possible to save loopy as a preset anytime soon? Id like to call up entire layouts with some prerecorded loops, effects etc. As of now you can't do that. It sure would be nice


  • Hey @Csewell - that's something we're talking about right now. Will most definitely take this on board!

  • The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot....


    cant wait for State savings, hope the importet loops goes into the states & possible to share....

  • Hey obiwahn. +1 on that. How are things in the forest?

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    The forest is going to explode, so nice in the last days!

    See this late now cause i am more in the audiobus forum...

    Hope michael find some time to dev. Loopy 1 or 2 step forward.
    State saving is 1step,....

  • try to Save my session in AB with State Saving, but looks it will come soon, or did i miss it?

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    Not just yet! (Ironically...)

  • hi michael, please state save for christmas.

    Ho HO


  • I'll see what I can do =)

  • I know you must be busy with Masterpiece, but don't forget Loopy :)

    Please add support for sate saving!...... it's feeling a little left behind in the Audiobus garage.
    This would be so useful in an audiobus preset set up.

    One other feature it possible for the option to disable playback after a loop has finished recording? (unless it is possible somehow but have missed it) When I'm recording in another app, sometimes I just want to continue playing, change something and record something else (without hearing the previous loopy recording), but I have to go back to loopy and turn off the previous recording or else it continues to playback at the same time.

    Enabling this in the audiobus control panel would be a great feature!

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